Terms & Conditions

Class Booking Policy

  1. Classes must be booked and paid for in advance.
  2. Bookings will be made in monthly blocks for each calendar month (4 or 5 weeks). *** your first class can be booked and paid for as a single class, to allow you to try the class before you commit to the month, subject to there being space in the class ***
  3. If you give advance notice of holidays or other absences, you will only be required to pay for the weeks that you are planning to attend the class that month.
  4. If KJ Pilates and Yoga is unable to teach the class due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, they will notify you as soon as possible and the cost of the session will be credited onto the next month’s booking.
  5. Single class bookings may be available 48 hours before the class, subject to there being space in the class. Priority on spaces in the class will be given to those who have committed and paid for a block booking. A waiting list will be created for anyone wishing to attend a single class and everyone on the list will be contacted if a space becomes available. The first person to respond will be offered the space.
  6. If you give more than 24 hours’ notice that you are unable to attend a booked class, we will open up your space to people on the waiting list. If your space can be resold then a credit will be applied for the next month’s booking. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the class, no credit will be applied.
  7. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, or by card payment. Cash payment will only be accepted if you are unable to pay electronically, and exact cash must be paid.
  8. All monies paid are non-refundable.

Health Screening

  1. All Clients must complete a PAR-Q before commencing any exercise programme.
  2. If you answer Yes to any questions on the PAR-Q and KJ Pilates and Yoga is unsure if the class is suitable for your condition, KJ Pilates and Yoga may require a letter of ‘medical clearance’ from your GP. Please be aware that your GP may charge you for this.
  3. KJ Pilates and Yoga shall not be liable for any problems which may be due to the Client providing inaccurate or false information or due to the Client failing to provide any relevant information.
  4. KJ Pilates and Yoga shall not be liable for any problems or injuries which arise due to the Client failing to perform any exercises correctly as per KJ Pilates and Yoga’s instructions or due to the Client failing to take proper care of their own health and safety whilst exercising.

I recognise and understand all the terms and conditions set between KJ Pilates and Yoga and myself and agree to follow all the guidelines set out above.

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