I’d only attended one of the yoga classes before lock down, and found it challenging as well as relaxing. I was extremely pleased when Karen mentioned the Facebook Live classes, so I signed up for the weekly pass which gives me access to all classes each week.  I appreciate the routine of attending the live class on a weekly basis, and also the opportunity to view other classes when I have time (I am still working full time at home). The relaxation yoga class is a great way to start the weekend. Thank you for keeping me moving and less stressed through lock down!


I came to your classes after spending 3 months off work nursing a bulging disc (my back had worsened over the previous years). Since doing your classes I have not had another day off work due to back pain!


I went to Karen for three main reasons.

1. I wanted to improve my general fitness and flexibility
2. I wanted to improve my core strength and balance to help with my horse riding
3. I enjoyed Pilates but sometimes found it difficult to follow instructions and learn all the correct positions in a group lesson and wanted to ensure I was doing everything correctly to get the best results.

The sessions were effective and enjoyable. Karen worked at a pace that suited me but always ensured that there was a level of challenge to the exercises so that over time I was able to see a significant improvement in my core strength. Karen was able to adapt lessons when I became injured after a fall and introduces exercises designed to complement the work I did when I was riding.

The improvement in my core strength and balance has helped me to progress with my riding and my riding teacher has commented on the improvement in my position and balance.

I would recommend Karen as a personal trainer especially to anyone who needs their confidence building or someone who is working to a particular personal goal.


Whilst recovering from Breast Cancer and the debilitating effects of Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy, I made the decision to get myself a Personal Trainer as soon as I felt well enough.  I have never looked back since meeting Karen, who motivated me throughout the six weeks.  Karen was so informed not only about her own specialised subject (Health and Fitness) but also about my particular constraints and her knowledge completely re-assured me giving me  the confidence to continue with my quest to be “fit for purpose,” i.e. to enjoy a healthy retirement.   I want to thank you most sincerely Karen.


I have osteoarthritis in my neck, which has caused me chronic pain for approx 6 years – I am 35 years old.  Previous to this condition I had been fit and led a pretty active lifestyle.  However chronic pain and stiffness had made it increasingly difficult to exercise and this level of inactivity had contributed to weight gain and substantial reduction in my overall fitness levels.  This in turn made my condition worse.

After being persuaded to try with a gym and personal trainer – I signed up with Karen as she advertised her proficiency in helping special cases – I was apprehensive at first but over the course of the sessions I had with Karen I was impressed with her knowledge of dealing with arthritis and how she devised very suitable exercise programs for me.  I have experienced a real improvement in my fitness levels and seen weight reduction.  Of particular importance has been the beneficial aspects – her exercise regime has had on my arthritis – I am sleeping better and as my muscle tone has improved – there is less strain on my joints which is helping me manage previously difficult daily activities such as carrying shopping bags and opening/closing doors.

Karen’s approach is to try and find out as much as she can about your goals and special requirements and tailor the programme to suit you.  If an exercise feels uncomfortable, she does not force you but finds another one, as she understands that the way our bodies are designed means some equipment/exercise can prove better or worse for an individual.

I would strongly recommend Karen to clients who have special requirements because of her knowledgeable and thorough approach, but she would equally be good for anybody who wants to achieve a specific fitness goal. I have recently signed up for a 10km walk/run something I never thought I could train to do several months ago before seeing Karen.