COVID Procedures

Covid Procedures for classes

  1. Please do not attend the class if you are suffering from any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in close contact with someone displaying symptoms. If you are feeling unwell generally please do not attend the class. If you have had Covid-19 or long Covid, please ensure you have made a full recovery before joining the classes.
  2. PENRITH PARISH CENTRE: You will wait outside the building, form a queue to the right side of the front door and maintain a reasonable distance from other people. I will open the door and greet you then you will sanitise your hands on entering the building. You will go upstairs to the main hall where the class will take place. At the end of the class, you will leave by the same route ensuring you sanitise your hands on exiting the building. I will open all doors before you enter or leave the room.
  3. If you choose to you can wear a face mask on entering and exiting the building and will take the mask off once you are on your mat and for the duration of the class.
  4. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time. The main door will be locked once everyone has entered.
  5. PENRITH PARISH CENTRE: If you are delayed and the door is shut, please use the buzzer and I will come to the front door to let you in.
  6. Please bring minimal items with you, and if possible, a plastic or wipeable bag to place your coat and handbag in during the class. You will place your plastic bag and shoes at the edge of the room next to your mat. Please bring your own filled water bottle as kitchen facilities are not available.
  7. You will need to bring your own mat or alternatively a large towel. I will not be able to lend out any equipment so please feel free to bring your own equipment such as blocks or cushions with you.
  8. Please bring your own hand sanitiser to be used on entering the building, once you are on your mat and before leaving the building.
  9. Please fill the room starting from the far side and then towards the side nearest the door to avoid having to walk past other people. Although 2m social distancing is no longer required, please ensure you are at least 1m away from each other where possible as we still need to ensure an element of social distancing.
  10. If you need to use the toilets during the class, please put your shoes on before walking across the room and try not to walk too close to other people.
  11. Please sanitise both sides of your mats before and after use. Please bring your own cleaning wipes or spray.
  12. If you want to chat to another person please maintain a reasonable social distance
  13. Windows will be open to improve ventilation in the room, so please ensure you wear layers to ensure you are comfortable.
  14. I will not be able to walk around the room so will be teaching from the front and will be doing more of the class with you!

And most importantly, lets enjoy the class!